Agile Android Software Development Book Announcement

An image of a very cute puppyI’ve programmed on Android for 2 years now. I’ve learn mostly by reading books. I’ve always loved Android openness, architecture and community. The fact that I can program on whatever OS I want is a big plus for me. I use Linux to program my Android apps but, if I wish, I could program on a Mac or even on Windows. It doesn’t matter : it’s all the same tools and they are free whatever the plateform you develop on.

But, while learning and reading books on Android, I did find many good books but none that was explaining how to write unit test, how to use TDD (Test Driven Development) or BDD (Behavior Driven Development) or to use agile techniques for developing Android applications. Even so those tools exist for Android as they do for Java, Ruby or other modern development languages they are not mentionned in any Android programming book. There is some scarce information available on the Internet if you’re ready to waste hours searching in forums, mailing lists and such…

No easy reference for a developer wanting to use agile techniques on Android was available until this day. I have decided to write down my ideas and what I found while developping my next Android game using agile tools and process. The results of my experiment and finds will be available in an ebook that I will publish by the end of this year.

if you have ideas or comments, some subjects you would like to see in my upcoming book, please, let me know.

For more details, you can visit the book official website :

Thanks for reading.