How to Free Your Work

I’m progressing well with the writing of the eBook. I write approximately a chapter a week while commuting (hint: I’m not the driver!), and during the evenings. I hope to keep up this pace!

Last week, I had a discussion with my friend Karl Fogel about the writing process of a technical book. He brought up the question:

Do you want your book to be under a free (open source) license? That is, Creative Commons Attribution, or Attribution-ShareAlike?

I must admit that idea did not crossed my mind. I was thinking more of a traditional approach that is : you publish your book, the reader finds it somehow, and he gives you money if your sale speech is convincing enough. The approach proposed by Karl is interesting because I want to put my book in the more hands possible, and open source is all about sharing. The idea of giving my eBook for free and to expect some financial benefits in return may seem strange. Though, it was strange for me!

Then I followed an intersting link that Karl sent me:

That reading changed my perception of “free” (as in freedom not as in free beer). Then the question “Will I really want to give my book for free?” became “How will I release my book as open source?”

Next step will be to change my website to offer the book for free and to contact the people who pre-ordered the book and ask them if they want their money back since there will be no more paid copies, only CC-BY-SA ones.