Writing Progress Update #1

Credits: WikipediaNow that my blog is online, I am going to share with you updates on the writing progress regularly.

If you visited the book’s website at the beginning of this project, when it started back in July, you may have noticed that the site style changed since. Indeed, I have made several changes in recent weeks, including : the use of a responsive framework (ZURB Foundation), adding a blog section (Octopress) and, most importantly, continuous publication with Jenkins! Now, a simple git push of my website, blog or book repos launch the build, and automatically publish the new content on the Web. I’m pretty happy by the results.

After all, I had to lead by example because in my book I’ll beat your ears with the “Don’t Repeat Yourself” (DRY) principle–a lot!

That said, the implementation of these tools delayed me quite a bit with the writing. As a result, I have not written lately, apart from an update of the preface to use Android Lollipop to refer to the latest release of Android, instead of just Android L

With the Christmas holidays approaching, I intend to enjoy my free time to write a few–and more technical–chapters. I’ll also give you some “behind the scene” details about the writing process of the book. For example, I will share with you the book download statistics and other vanity metrics.

I will communicate the announcement of new posts via the mailing list and the Google+ Community. So, if you are not already registered, it’s time to do it!